“Gripping a first-rate nail biter.”. —Tampa Tribune. James Rollins—the author of. Amazonia by James Rollins – book cover, description, publication history. The use of mass market originals as a farm team for hardcovers has lost popularity, but still works occasionally, as with Rollins, whose three.

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Amazon, jungles, underwater, desert, etc.

Dull to the point that you wouldn’t mind them dying. New York Journal of Books. It definitely kept me on my toes for the whole duration learning about the native cultures and amazonai different elements of the Amazon rain forest, not to mention all the crazy in [4 Stars] I thoroughly enjoyed this novel!

The 6th Extinction details the SIGMA team’s fight against a geneticist with a nefarious agenda for handling the extinction of species. I guess I have my limits. There is a character that I’m sure becomes Joe Kowalski in later books that I just love, but he goes by a different name here similar roklins. Critical Acclaim Scientists and U.

Amazonia – James Rollins

The best from Rollins I have seen so far. Rollins takes the reader through the horror and intrigue of the Amazon like no one else. But the nightmare that awaits Rand and his team of scientists and seasoned U. The story starts outside the Baghdad Zoo immediately after the Battle of Baghdad Aug 02, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: While deep in the South American jungle, Conklin’s nephew, Sam, stumbles upon a remarkable site nestled rolllins two towering peaks, a place hidden from human eyes rolljns thousands of years.

Four years ago, all contact with a U. This biography of a living person relies too much on references to primary sources. Kelly’s thought, thinking Nathan is dead? Today we have something special for you Their mission involves both unusual natural dangers – such as piranhas with legs and giant crocodiles – and saboteurs out to steal their potentially valuable findings.

The bottom line Amazonia is an incredible story that was tons more interesting and exciting than I ever imagined. The purchase of an eBook reader is not required to read books. Once the fifth is done, the entire series is slated for publication, each book coming out 6 months apart, starting with a re-release of the first two. In all of the Rollins novels I’ve read, there’s gotta be a woman for the main hero.

Almost all of them were flat and dull. Don’t get me wrong, the plants mentioned in the novel were fairly interesting, but it wasn’t adequate to make the novel as amazing as it should’ve been.

I found another big time fun read on rolins rapidly growing favorite reads shelf that fell through the cracks!

The priest is shocked to find that the man is grievously wounded, and even worse, his tongue is missing. Amazon, a Fortune company based in Seattle, Washington, is the global leader in e-commerce.

IndieBound is a community-oriented movement begun by the independent bookseller members of the American Rollinx Association. Without giving away too much, this book is equal parts fantasy and adventure as it is mystery and suspense.

James Rollins

This novel had huge potential, but wow, it failed big time. The misogyny is disgusting, and the fact that she’s the only indigenous woman in the book aside from a scene at the very beginning makes the issues with her portrayal even more glaring.

Open Preview See a Problem? Solar flares have triggered a series of gargantuan natural disasters.

Additionally, Lady Kensington, from Sandstormis mentioned.