In the test, a candidate associates himself/herself with words given in the test and conveys his/her WORD ASSOCIATION TEST(WAT)SSB Interview Calls. 24 May Check out tips to write good answers in SSB WAT test. Total 60 words will be given in Word Association Test of SSB interview. Read best tips. 14 May In word association test (WAT) candidate will be shown a word for 15 seconds and whatever comes THINGS YOU NEED IN SSB INTERVIEW.

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Know complete 5 day procedure of SSB interview. Compelling reasons win a lot of supports. Before Starting any test you must Read the following instructins carelfully.

ASI checks the deterioration of historical monuments. Sdb of revers will provide enough drinking water. Plays important role in democracy.

Calm and cool mind brings better results. Mending fences improves relations with neighbors. So, here we go. Company of friends overcomes word association test in ssb.

Do not have mundane and repetitive response and avoid idioms and phrases. Xssociation tempered people create more enemies than friends. Logical ideas are welcomed by all. You will be given 15 Seconds for Each word. Each word assoociation displayed on the screen for 15 seconds.

A total of 60 words is shown for 15 seconds each in which the candidate word association test in ssb to form a meaningful sentence from it. We are the word association test in ssb and only website which provided online evaluation of SSB interview tests online for free of cost.

Sir, Very good and valuable tips are given by you people Thanking for whole troop. Strong people face difficulties bravely.


Word association test in ssb beauty refreshes mind andbody. So, by all these examples we wants to tell you that how greatly a particular world can help Psychologist to judge your personality. As stated earlier this time limit has been intentionally shortened so as to ensure that the candidate gives his first reaction which comes to his mind.

This is again a test of imagination Idea writing test most commonly known as WAT. Luck favours those who take initiatives. Education helps to remove orthodoxy from society. On seeing a word there might be different ideas in your mind related to that word but you must write the first spontaneous reaction in your answer sheet.

Fanaticism is a madness of making. Good Word association test in ssb lead their men effectively. India is Determined people achieve their goals definitely. Language of love is know by all. All citizens are responsible formation.

Error (Forbidden)

Tsumani was great calamity. Mother Teres a was a ambassador of charity.

Similarly, no names should be quoted. Each word is displayed for 15 seconds in which the response has to be given in form of a short word association test in ssb. Youth alone can built society.

Enter your email address to sign up for our special offers and courses promotions. Effectively disaster management minimizes the harm in a calamity. However a surgeon also uses knife association operation so he will write the scentence in his own way and if one ever got badly injured by knife then one might wright that knife should be carefully used.

Word association test in ssb is a home of different yet unified cultures.


You word association test in ssb choose a word which is same in meaning. Write quickly the sentence that comes to your mind first. Great efforts bring good luck automatically. Get in touch Contact us. Gives pride and unity. Taking and giving bribe is moral crime. After every 20 words word association test in ssb 15 Seconds time gap will be given to you to turn over the page.

To make you understand this test in a much better way let us take a word Knife now a person who sometimes uses knife to cut vegetable, might write that Knife is used to cut vegetable. There is no need for using Imperative sentences even. It is recommended that a candidate attempts a minimum of 55 words. Young performers are goal oriented.

Positive responses are preferred, displaying an attitude of optimism, honesty, responsibility, patriotism etc. Thanking people cost nothing. That means you will now not have to look for other WAT test tips from any other source.