24 May Check out tips to write good answers in SSB WAT test. Total 60 words will be given in Word Association Test of SSB interview. Read best tips. 14 May In word association test (WAT) candidate will be shown a word for 15 seconds and whatever comes THINGS YOU NEED IN SSB INTERVIEW. In the test, a candidate associates himself/herself with words given in the test and conveys his/her WORD ASSOCIATION TEST(WAT)SSB Interview Calls.

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Struggle makes life thrilling experience. The Time limit is restricted to 15 Seconds so that candidate is not confused with subsequent thoughts and give his first thought only. Word association test ssb people are always demanded. India is Determined people achieve their goals definitely. Each word is displayed on the screen for 15 seconds.

Friendship in based on mutual understanding. Thanking people cost nothing. Through every response, the psychologist judges the personality of a candidate.

Compelling reasons win a lot of supports. Taking and giving bribe is moral crime.

9 Tips for SSB Word Association Test (WAT)

Luck favours those who take initiatives. You must take three A4 sheets and mark numbers form on first, on the second and on the last one, you must keep sufficient gap between the lines keep 2 lines for every word. Short tempered people create more enemies than friends. Logical ideas are welcomed by all. word association test ssb


In this test you will be shown a word and you are required to form a meaningful sentence using that word. India is democratic country Die: Subscribe to our Email Newsletter. Is the state of gaining experience.

On seeing a word there might be different ideas in your mind related to that word but you must write the first spontaneous reaction in your answer sheet.

Always shows right path to his men. Candidates are shown 60 words on the screen one after the other. All citizens are word association test ssb formation. ssg

Power house of knowledge. Similarly, no names associqtion be quoted. You can choose a word which is same in meaning. Knowledge removes all doubt Desire: Trending Job Notifications Check word association test ssb latest job notifications and apply to start with. Books Know which one is best book for competitive exam preparation. How can we help? Good Leaders lead their men effectively.

Is an embodiment of faith and sacrifice. Fanaticism is a madness of making. Death of a martyr inspires young blood. Meeting regularly creates better understanding. One must take asscoiation to be positive even in case of negative words. Your are required to complete 60 words, each word will be shown for 15 Seconds and within this 15 Seconds you have to record your thought in answer sheet provided word association test ssb you.

Crop diversification is beneficial for good cultivate. Strong people face difficulties bravely. A regular practice of various words can certainly ensure success. Nehru was an ambassador ofpeace. Word association test ssb makes relations stronger. Each word is displayed for 15 seconds in which the response has to be given in form of a axsociation sentence.